Leigh Hickombottom | Sunrise in the rear view mirror
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Sunrise in the rear view mirror

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This morning as I drove I looked out of my rear view mirror and saw a beautiful sight. It was the sun in all its Golden beauty rising above the clouds and reminded me of a saying about leaving the past behind you and to move forward. After reflecting this stunning image of the sun rising behind me I felt I should add this…
While we move forward and let go of the past if we take responsibility for our past and let go not in anger, bitterness or even resentment will see that the past is a gift of beautiful lessons not to hold on to but to let go, grow from and to take notice of the Better YOU the experience produced. All experiences lead to you RE-Membering you with a choice of owning who you are, the power within you and the gift of showing others who they are through your interactions amongst ONE another. There is a LIGHT that yearns to grow brighter, to ILLUMINATE the TRUTH of you if only you choose to experience the beauty and miracles that stem from situations and people instead of choosing blame or lack of owning your actions. You are LOVE and each action whether seen  in the moment or not leads to LOVE at your completion.
Leigh Hickombottom

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