Leigh Hickombottom | Awakening to the experiences of a moment
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Awakening to the experiences of a moment

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What you experience in a day, what experience you awaken to in a day is one of many many happening in your full existence. If you choose to experience the smell of the fresh rose as you walk past you will notice your senses heightened so that you can LIVE and capture that moment in your ENTIRE being. You will notice the color’s vividness as your eyes glance upon it, then it’s healing aroma as your sense of smell awakens to the experience, followed by the rose’s gentle texture as you caress the petal with your sense of touch and so on. While all this is happening your being is doing even more. It is awakening to the energy this flower emits as it comes in contact with you. There are a multitude of experiences happening in one moment. What will you choose to awaken to in this moment? What will you choose to experience in order to expand your consciousness today?

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