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Re-Member Her OneLove

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She vies for his attention and love
While he has hers fully
Gives her all in each moment  to make sure he feels her love, he sees her love
He shows little says little because his heart still guarded  though  he’s  let her in.
She’s feels more at a distance then the physical confines they have already by his over cautiousness due to his past
He’s been hurt she’s been hurt but she still opens fully to the experience of loving him and letting herself be loved by him
Strong and trusting she believes in what little she sees from him

On days when her fuel is low she still only knows one way to Love Fully whole heartedly with every thing that she is So fully is what she gives
Does he know her needs like she knows his
Will he continue to show little guarding his heart emotions and time heavily from letting her experience his love

To refuel her soul from the love she fuels his soul with
Though each ANGEL loves a certain way she needs the love of his touch, his presence his whole heart open unguarded Allowing himself to LOVE from the depths of his soul where his past pains and experiences are only memories and not not brigades to Love TRUE.

Sometimes the same walls we put up to protect our heart from hurt are the same walls that can also keep us from fully letting Love in. Let go of the fear and drop the walls if only for a moment to fully taste the love that was made for your SOUL. Souls recognize energy. Not the confusion of mind. Let your soul RE-MEMBER her. ONELOVE
Angel Whispers,
Leigh Hickombottom

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