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Self-LOVE Just a Reminder

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About that thing called SELFLOVE. We are all here to re-member this and to experience the GROWTH of what it entails. Our level of where we are at with this teaching of ourselves is dependent on more that just speaking it. Like myself, we go through daily experiences to continue to grow fully into that movement of SELFLOVE . Everyone has days where they have life mirror what is not fully healed within themselves as well as what is. But this isn’t a place of judgement from anyone. YOU, ME, WE are still ourselves on this same journey. Different people have passed and reached different levels of this lesson but we ALL have this lesson. Not one person better than the other, yet maybe at different stages. Like all growth some days you take leaping bounds forward other days you might take a step back. Don’t be hard on yourself or another. You can only wear your shoes and clearly see whats both on the internal and external of yourself. Everyone has a mirror which they must look into where their TRUTH doesn’t hide. You are exactly where you need to be doing what you need to be doing in each moment. You are LOVE. Divine as it is at its core, it’s unconditional, compassionate, and holds no judgement.


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