Leigh Hickombottom | Shot out to the best Fat burners around
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Shot out to the best Fat burners around

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This without a doubt is Nutrex Research’s Lipo6.  This company is both innovative and a leader in the fat burner department.  These guys have been around for about 4 years and took this industry by storm.  They were the first company with fat burners to come out with liquid caps.  This was so successful the other competitiors had to copy :0).. Their ads are one of a kind with enough information to both explain the product factually and show the results with both real people and bodybuilders alike who took the supplement.  I have taken almost all of the fatburners out there and none compare in either the effectiveness or quality.  If you read their label for ingredients they are one of the few if not only that tell you in exacts how much of what ingredient is in there so you know.  A lot of the other companies put percentages.. which basically mean if there is 50% of caffeine for example you will never now how much that 50% is really in terms of mg. That sucks when you need to know how much of what you are putting in your body and even if the amount is effective enough to work instead of just sale.

 There is a reason why you (Nutrex) are a leader and other companies always follow your lead. Be it in ads and ingredients to even the capsules. You are original and come up with your own plan and need to follow no one.This makes you stand out by far.  Keep it up and make me some protien :0) 

Look for another one of a kind addition to their already great L6 in the next few months :0)

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