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Vitamin Up!!

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For us who have been on the health Kick and those who are starting… VITAMIN UP!

While you are out there hitting the gym, dont forget one of 2 very important forms of fuel needed for the body.  Yes, Vitamins. Vitamins are important because your body needs them to efficiently do its job correctly both during and after your workout.

 So here is my list of VITAMINS and other essential supplements I fell among the many others that are needed to take and why.  Multivitamins are not included but should be a given here.

1} Vitamin E

It helps to boost the immune system in general not to mention improving lung function for those of us who workout. E also prevents Free radicals from destroying our cell walls and alleviates pain from sore muscles

2} vitamin C

Another antioxidant preventing free radicals from cell wall damage.  C reduces our cortisol secretion for better muscle growth.

3} CLA

This vitamin helps helps to build muscle and reduce body fat.

4} Flaxseed oil

Also helps reduce bodyfat, shortens your recovery time, and reduces muscle soreness.

5} Fish oil

help in reducing pain and inflammation while also helping to prevent blood clots.

6}Milk Thistle

EXCELLENT for your liver! This antioxidant removes toxins from the body. MT aids in the regeneration of new liver cells.

7} Calcium

Promotes strong bones and helps metabolize fat

8} Alpha Lipoic Acid

Like C and E it is an antioxidant. This helps transport nutrients more efficiently to muscles cells. ALA also helps to balance our blood sugar levels.

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