Leigh Hickombottom | This one is for you.., My exit
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This one is for you.., My exit

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It is in those moments of truth when you truley know where you stand with a person.  Will they be brave and courageous despite their fears and stand in the LIGHT of TRUTH?? Or will they stand away from the LIGHT.  True Character is shown in the bold moments of TRUTH.  Where do you stand??


You can believe in them; but more important they must believe in themself.

You can wish them courage and strength; but they alone have to be the one to reach into their soul and gather it up.

You can give them Your LOVE, your Patience and even a sprinkle of your own LIGHT; but they must be willing to allow LOVE in and see the beauty- the DIVINITY of your LIGHT

When You have given them all you know to give and all seems to fail with them…. Cry, Let go, Take your energy back and move foward in your LIGHT

THEM = The love that would not allow themself true love 


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