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Ramblings on life

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If what you seek is TRUTH go inside. Though you can be guided by others with their KNOWLEDGE, Your truth and connection to ONENESS resides inside of YOU…. Not out.  In LIFE, PLAY , LAUGH, LOVE. You are never to old or life that bad lest bound by your own self imposed limitations. Solid foundations and structures always leave room for GROWTH in the BLUEPRINT.

REACHING a place inside of yourself in the realization that you are not better than your neighbor is a sign you are on your path of ENLIGHTENMENT. The choices you choose and the choices your neighbor chooses is directly in ALIGNMENT with the GROWTH that is needed in each of your lives at the MOMENT.You are not defined so much by every experience  you have in your life. Rather, you are defined by how you walk away from those experiences…. by who YOU have BECOME as a result.  LIFE is about  GROWTH and LOVE you have gained for YOURSELF and OTHERS.

Great WISDOM  is not only revealed from WITHIN YOURSELF. Wisdom is also revealed by choosing to LIVE fully and EXPERIENCE life in each MOMENT.  Every person you come into contact with is an OPPORTUNITYto EXPERIENCE life and LEARN from its lessons.  All this leads you back to the TRUE YOU. REMEMBER  who YOU are in LIFE and that your path is DIVINE and UNFOLDS in each MOMENT exactly as it should.



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