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Inner Reflections

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We are all a product of where we place our focus. BEING CENTERED in LOVE does not mean you are unaware of the world around you. It means that while sitting in a space of LOVE you can observe from an unattached place without dwelling and focusing on what is considered negatives in LIFE. Each person is made aware of each bit of information needed for GROWTH at the PERFECT and DIVINE time..This can be spiritual or worldly.
When or how you see fit for another person to become informed is not for another to decern or judge. ALLOWING others to be and live exactly as they are in each MOMENT helps ONE ( the observer) to open up and accept themselves as they are. TRUTH will always APPEAR when one is ready.. Judgement of one based on what you think is right for you shows a need  to take a closer look at your  life and see where you judge yourself and do not accept yourself. As well as, it is a reminder that in order to be a better person we must at some point focus INWARD  and better the INNER REFLECTION and INNER CONNECTION of ourselves.


Leigh Hickombottom

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