Leigh Hickombottom | Perspectives… Sun VS Moon Love VS Fear
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Perspectives… Sun VS Moon Love VS Fear

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Great leaders and teachers teach you to honor your own path which may not be their own. The reality is there is such a powerful movement of Light and Love but if one is stuck behind a wall of fear or chooses to focus entirely on the illusion of a world where there is one extremity over the other, notice the falsities of others yet cannot come to a place to notice this within themselves then there lies a falsity in its own. We are all given a mission and have a purpose to where even the one with perfect 20/20 vision can not see or predict beyond the most comfortable outcome of a fear based reality. If you ask the moon what it sees and the sun what it sees both are right according to there perspective this life. Not one better than the other nor right or wrong. The balance of having a perspective from both point of views leads to a conclusion within you that only YOU can define in relation to your mission seen through your eyes and experiences. Change the lens from rose shade to a gray hue and what is there in TRUTH is still there in its reality. But depending on the view, the perspective one may choose to recognize is the one which most resonates with their own connections to divinity. Its always a choice.


Leigh Hickombottom

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