Leigh Hickombottom | Why the memoir “And Still I Smile”
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Why the memoir “And Still I Smile”

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I felt this book was important for me to write for a number of reasons. One major reason was that I needed the fans who looked up to me for inspiration to know that I too was human. I have had many blessings in life but they did not come without struggles in different times of my life. I needed the world, the fans and more importantly my daughters to know with great gifts, big smiles, and generous hearts comes heartaches, pain, and sometimes loneliness but I never stopped believing in what I knew to be true and in what it is I was meant to do this life.
I was born with beautiful gifts blessed by Source that at times felt like a double edge sword. As a channel, I was given messages to inspire not necessarily because that message at the time was something I conquered within my own life, but because I needed the messages as much as those seeking messages from me. I am more than fitness and deeper than the Physical and it was time for me to share what was hidden about me for so many years. I needed my audience to know why I smile, why my outlook on life was that of hope and Light N Love. “And still I Smile” provided me a raw platform to share who I was in all my vulnerability, honesty and openness as well as giving the reader self- help tools to help them better their own lives and live according to them.
Leigh Hickombottom

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