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Fear Holds Us Back

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IMG_4305What I’m learning through my current transition process at this moment of my life is how fear of what might be holds so many back on their path. The lost opportunities of kind acts , compassion and heart over logic based actions. We stick with what is comfortable for us or directed by someone else because we feel they are wiser in situations then we ourselves are. While this may be true we hinder our own growth,experiences and ability to stand in our leadership by not trusting our own intuition and guidance that is always sitting inside of us  just waiting for us to tap into it. This guidance is just waiting for us to awaken to what really is possible when we take charge of our lives and responsibility for our actions.
Are you  free by staying within the limits of your comfort zone  and lack of stepping out on hope and taking risks or are you free by stepping outside of your comfort zone  of  what you currently know and taking risks on what is deemed possible by your true self and infinite wisdom?

L Hickombottom

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