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Just Me

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To whom it may concern,

I do understand that there are certain actions, images, beliefs hair color, personalities you enjoy seeing from me and I thank you. But here is what I have to offer you. I offer you the real me, unfiltered (unlike my social media images 🙂 ) with no sugar (well sometimes lol) no buffer, just the real me. What I need you to understand is I can  from this day forward only offer this to you. Though you might enjoy my goofy side or prefer my softer side, there is more to me than this. What you’re able to see are aspects of me that I share through my images, videos etc. I am More than the pretty face, I am more than the great body, I am more than the smile you see (which many do not even know why my smile is the way it is today.)

I am a southern girl raised in Texas with a love of life, good people, great music great art and compassionates hearts. I am a mother, daughter, sister, teacher, student and many other things. I walk in the middle of the street on faith and beliefs. I dance, I laugh, I cry, I scream, I get hurt I also get hurt. I am human living a spiritual life to the best of my abilities with a mission to inspire and help you know who you better through what I share of my own life.


So if something triggers an emotion, or you think a message is aimed at you, I offer no apology for how you take my messages or if they strike a cord within you. I say what I’m guided to say with a message for myself and yes for those who choose to grow. My messages come from my heart with intent to make us all better as a whole. But I will not buffer who I am due to your expectations of what you wish to see through my life experience. If you want fantasy read a fantasy book or movie.  If you want an extremity of me which is more acceptable through your eyes, you might just want to no longer follow my journey. We are here to live, express, love learn and grow.

Now, what I have to offer is me as I am in each moment, in each writing, in each spoken moment, and in each image you see.  I offer you my sincerity and Truth through my eyes.The world is bigger than you and me. My mission is to get you to understand that and be inspired to make a difference.

With Love and Humility,

L Hickombottom

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