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The Method – Music

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I have always had a process and technique for writing  Messages from the universe. If you have followed my journey throughout the years or read my  last 2 books I have written you will already know what I am speaking of, “And Still I Smile” and & “Tools That Transform”.  I feel in order to write anything from a raw perspective you must be in that state of rawness. Different methods take people to this place. For me the quickest is music followed by the ocean. There is a song I listen to every time I need to raise my vibration ,if you will, to channel and give pure clear universal messages.

The Name of the song is called “Musical Rapture” By Frederic Delarue. No matter how many times I hear this song I Cry and release blocks such as emotions and thoughts that would interfere with divine messages of truth written. This is the only Musician I have ever contacted to say thank you for what this song does to me in order for me to be a light in this world and walk in truth with a pure heart within each of my writings and in life.

There are other musicians currently whos music opens me up to a different form of love…Vulnerable human Love and Romantic Love. I have not been able to thank them yet, but if its in the divine plan I will face to face. Music speaks a language like no other. My focus this life will ALWAYS be LOVE and the different types of love that exist. To experience, share and inspire others to believe in this Energy.

With Love,



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