Leigh Hickombottom | They Say Never Say Can’t
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They Say Never Say Can’t

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But I can’t …
I can’t make you see what you have standing in front of you

I can’t wait while I’m put on the back burner never anytime for Love
I can’t watch while the chase is money girls fast life without a balance of the home life

I cant be the one whos last to know, when everyone knows but me

They say LOVE is blind, but the eyes of others are always in clear view

I can’t be the one always hidden
I can’t be less than the fear that you have

I can’t be compared to your past

I can’t bear the burden of what they did

I can’t be the one living on empty hopes of words instead of fulfilled actions

I can be The One who loves unconditionally all of you from the distance as you have chosen to keep me

I can be the ONE who loves herself unconditionally and opens to love that is ready to receive fearlessly.
Always knowing you’re the ONE

Please dont mistake the lack of what I cant  for insecurity

but instead Self Love

Love Wins

Love Trumps

In the HEART of a Queen


Never Enough
I will always Love you
Angel Whispers,

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