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Acceptance As Is

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I find that both myself and others may at times get lost in what is shown before us daily. So much so, that we loose sight of the bigger picture. The whole. I feel this happens in different aspects of our lives , however, my focus is that of people. It’s easy to look at the wrapping of a present and feel we can tell the value of the gift inside or even feel we know what is already inside the package wrapped . Like a book, you must go beyond the cover of what we are shown daily. We feel we know all about what that complete whole is of a person based on what they present to us at face value. Go deeper.

That is how  I personally feel we get stuck. We see a  flower in the same vase daily so we assume that must be who and what that rose is in whole. Not so. We have many different parts of what makes us who we are. As for myself, One moment I may present the mother. The next The student, the teacher, the lover , the sister the light, the dark. Are you following me here?? I AM more than the vision of what we saw of me yesterday and more than what we will see of me tomorrow. Because one steps predominantly out in dresses doesn’t mean that jeans don’t complete the aspect of who the person is.

Acceptance of a person as is in each moment is a blessing to all. RE-Membering that we each have more than one facet of what makes our being complete and choosing present one facet of our being over the other does not mean the person is not being true to themselves because you have not seen them in that perspective daily. To accept all of those aspects of a person is our choice. Changing our views of how someone should be, look, dress, talk, express themselves will automatically create a greater perspective of truth within our own being. We are ALL LOVE. There is more to a person than what we choose to see, or wish to see from them. #TheJourneyIsLove


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