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Forced to drive against the traffic on a one lane only each way street reminded me of the  vigor of how it feels to go the path chosen  not by others but by my own God-self. Soul driven. I intuitively and instinctively felt while driving the others I was driving against would have been forced and willingly so to forge their own drive path as well in order to make room.
I am everything you see in the world brought into balance. I am you, you are me. I am the deemed good you see in yourself and the deemed bad with an acceptance that it’s all LOVE.
I AM more that the projection of me you would like for me  to be in order to fit into your reality. In a society where you say be LOVE I am that Love, Where you say be centered I am that center. Where you say be less, I am more. Where you say be more I am less. In every given moment I am TRUE to who I am in this experience of my journey. no approvals needed. Filtered- Unfiltered, happy- sad ,I am LOVE. The LOVE YOU NEED TO RE-MEMBER. I will continually grow, rebirth and sustain the life force I was here to be. So if you believe for one second I am not true to who I am or LOVE who I am because you have seen an aspeect of the many that make me whole you have been mistaken.
Instead of complaining about who you feel I or any other need to be, understand that I am who I am and need to be in each moment for the growth of the whole . Maybe not perfect enough for some and too perfect for others. This is my story. Keep flipping through the pages and remember you. If my truth is too much to bare at anytime instead of complaining about the book, put the down. However, I promise you will need to reopen but only when you are ready for my #LOVE
L Hickombottom

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