Leigh Hickombottom | Bring Back Sincerity
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Bring Back Sincerity

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Bring back sincerity
Where  what we do is from that place in our hearts
Those who feel know the truth
Bring back sincerity
Where when we speak it comes from the heart
Those who are able to hear know the truth (clairaudience)
Bring back  sincerity
Where we Love out loud
Where vulnerability is looked at as a strength not weakness
Where people Love who they are and know they have no true competition
Realizing they have defeated themselves once they believe there is competition

To their unique strand of greatness and beauty
Bring back sincerity
Where we give not out of gain but out of betterment of another

Bring back the sincerity
Where the smiles are from the heart
Where the hugs kisses and sweet reminisces of all forms of LOVE are from the …. Yes

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