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SheisL1, Leigh Hickombottom
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It’s been a minute…

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Well here we are fast forward to March 23 2022 and lot has happenedsince 2017. This one post wontallot the time for what has transpired butthelong and short of it all is, Ive been creating through diffrent outlets while still trying to balance motherhood and some ofthe blessing and challenges it has brought in.

Since 2014 to 2015 I started creating in music and self teaching myself ,like a lot of things in my life on this journey. So I go by the artist name SheisL1 with the intent true to why I started in the first place. That’s to be authentic to who I am and share my unique gifts with this this world through this vessel as it was intended.

That has been a journey in itself and I’ve written 3 quick read books about it titled… “The Music”, “The Music : Loveologey x Integrity”and “The Music : The Authenticity code.” They are all found on Amazon books under both Leigh Hickombottom and SheisL1. As I update this site there will be links to it.

So for now this a a very quick check in and Ello. Ill be back soon

Love is Automatic and the color is still Gold,

Leigh Hickombottom

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