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Leigh Hickombottom

fitness model and author

Leigh is the CEO of Shesique Magazine and Shesique Publications.


Leigh is the Publisher and Editor of Shesique Magazine and Shesique Publications. She has been featured in magazines such and Oxygen and Muscular Development. Leigh has also written and published 2 books on weight loss and fitness, “Logistics of Leanness” and “Logistics of Leanness Defined”. In these books she share keys from her success on how to achieve your desired weight loss for good by using the power of the mind.  She has also written a mini  auto-Biography and self help book  entiled “And Still I Smile” as well as her most current book “7 Tools That Transform”. Leigh also writes regular articles on her blog, focusing on health and happiness.


Leigh was born in the state of Mississippi and raised in Texas. Currently she lives in Florida and planted roots there. Fitness is her passion and a way of life for Leigh. Maintaining her weight and physique are an important part of that lifestyle. The pictures you see on this site are the result of this chosen lifestyle.

Leigh supports different charities who have made it their mission to help those in need.

The Future:

Leigh will continue to share her light, wisdom and inspirations with the world.


Leigh Hickombottom